Help Shape Our Future: Please Vote Today!

Vote_PicToday is an important time for you and I to help shape the future for our community.

Today you and I have the privilege and the responsibility of choosing who will serve and represent us at Pelham Town Council, Regional Council, and local school boards for the next four years.

Our freedoms and our democracy – including the ability for us to choose the future for our community – were hard won through sacrifice. Brave men and women served and continue to serve our country so that future generations might enjoy this freedom.

They sacrificed their futures so that our future might be one of peace and happiness.

They sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their future so that we might have the freedom to help shape our future and improve our community through local elections today.

If you have not yet voted, please vote today!

vote2014If you need more information about where to vote and about whether you are in the voter list, please check out the Town’s website at or contact Pelham Town Hall at 905-892-2607.

If you need a ride to a poll, volunteers with my re-election campaign will be pleased to assist you; please call 905-708-5718.

Thank you for voting in our municipal election and for helping to shape the future of our Town!